The Best Security
Starts with Visibility

Accelerate Threat Mitigation

Prevent, detect, predict and contain threats crossing your network more quickly.

Rethink Security

Enable more effective, scalable security and network monitoring.

Enhance Your Security Posture

Enhance your security posture with network visibility and find more potential vulnerabilities faster.

New: Top 10 Technology Trends

See why Gartner calls adaptive security architecture a top strategic technology trend.

This is not a usb drive.

It is a delivery vehicle for uncontrolled data.

See what matters.™

What We Do

We provide pervasive visibility into physical, virtual, and cloud environments so you can see the data in motion across your entire network. Organizations use the Gigamon Visibility Platform to make it easier to manage, secure and understand all their network data, enabling stronger security and enhanced network performance.

As the volume and variety of data traversing your network grows, the best solution is to simplify and get pervasive visibility. Avoid blind spots by deploying visibility and network monitoring solutions designed to create a more secure, efficient and optimized environment.


Predictions for Tomorrow's Internet

IoT Security and why we need to think differently about it.

Extend Your Security Posture

Gain network traffic visibility to mission-critical workloads in Microsoft Azure.

Automate Your Security Operations

Get faster, more accurate response with Phantom automation and pervasive visibility.

Gartner CARTA Strategic Report

Read this Gartner research note to learn why visibility through a continuous adaptive risk and trust assessment (CARTA) approach is critical to securing digital business.

I need better visibility into...


Enhance your existing network monitoring and security solutions.

Public Cloud

Lift, shift workloads.
Cut costs. Maximize margins.

Data Center and Virtualization

Have complete, virtualized digital transformation.

Subscriber Networks

Know how to optimize spend patterns of all your customers.