The industry's first Security Delivery Platform

Enabling more effective, scalable, resilient network monitoring and security tools

GigaSECURE® optimizes the delivery of network traffic to security tools. A consolidated, extensible and powerful foundation, GigaSECURE enhances physical, virtual and cloud networks with pervasive visibility to better see and mitigate threats.

The State of Network Security

Read ESG’s research insights paper to learn more about the state of network security operations and tools.

Customer Video

Learn how Under Armour leverages visibility in its security strategy.

Visibility Matters

Understanding the risks and challenges in security operations.

Accelerate Incident Response

Watch the videos from Networking Field Day 16 to learn how to accelerate your security team's response.

Today's Predictions
for Tomorrow's Internet

Rethink your security strategy.

GigaSECURE supports a wide variety of solutions for network monitoring and security. Out-of-band tools provide the detection of malware and data exfiltration activity, post incident analytics and forensics. Inline security solutions provide the ability to directly take preventive measures upon detection of threats, malware or anomalous behavior. GigaSECURE helps expose threats and malware hidden in encrypted traffic.

Rethink your security strategy
Improve your security posture with GigaSECURE

Improve your security posture with GigaSECURE

  • Filter and steer network traffic to deliver only the relevant data to the appropriate network security tools and improve their overall effectiveness
  • Identify traffic patterns and threat vectors across heterogeneous networks no matter how complex
  • Provide visibility of encrypted traffic to expose hidden threats and eliminate network blind spots
  • Provide automated, customizable load balancing and resiliency across inline and out-of-band security tools    

The GigaSECURE Security Delivery Platform

The best way to deploy network security tools to improve performance and increase return on investment for your infrastructure.

Secure with Metadata

Secure with Metadata

Reduce the time to threat detection

IDG Tech Dossier

IDG Tech Dossier

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Inline Protection

Inline Protection

Maximize network uptime and security    

Dummies Guide

Dummies Guide

Security Delivery Platforms for Dummies.

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SSL/TLS Decryption

Expose security vulnerabilities encrypted in SSL/TLS traffic    

Application Session Filtering

Get visibility into application sessions to better identify traffic patteres and threats.

Inline Protection

Maximize network uptime and security.    

Metadata Generation

Generate unsampled L4 and L7 metadata to identify traffic patterns.